Make a fresh, optimistic start in 2021.

It’s 2021: Are you asking the right content marketing questions?

Take it from the great JFK: Start asking what content can do for you.

It’s Q1. Time to build those editorial calendars, review personas, and map out a customer journey. Then, route your plans for approval, have a few dozen meetings, calls, and countless emails to sort out the details. Finally, start to jam all that content in where it seems to fit best. Right?

Here are three ways to assess where you‘re at:

  1. Take a content inventory.
    See what marketing content you have available. Don’t discard anything; little tidbits can be reformed into new ideas.
  2. Rank the influence value of your content
    Determine the potential sharing value of each piece of content. It’s like lead scoring. You could use numbers, letters, or tomatoes. The point is to determine what has the most interesting gravitas.
  3. Review the uptake
    If you have the metrics, see what performed best and try to determine why. If you had a clear-cut winner, revise it by adding The 2021 Version or Complete Guide, something like that. Stop creating new stuff when good editing of the current content will do just fine.

Now, ask this of your content.

  • Does it bring value to the relationship?

The takeaway:

Plan on making 2021 a purposeful year focused on asking the right questions. Review and renew your content marketing efforts so they will drive action, response, and profits!

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